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About us

What we do

At Pure Waste textiles, we make ecologically sustainable and premium quality 100% recycled yarns, fabrics and ready made garments. Our products are entirely made out of recycled textile waste and offer the consumer the same quality and comfort as those made out of virgin materials.

To meet the growing demand for ecological fabric solutions we utilized our long expertise in sustainable design and developed a global textile recycling and manufacturing supply chain. We source textile waste on a global scale and recycle it into fabrics and yarns.

Because our products are made entirely out of discarded waste we can guarantee their ecological sustainability, a value that guides all of our work. For instance, using recycled cotton saves 11,000 liters of water per kilogram, which is required to produce the water intensive cotton crops.*

In addition to the ecological sustainability of our products, their quality is also of crucial importance to us. By monitoring in detail our source materials and the recycling process we are able to ensure that the quality of our products fulfills all the standards required by our clients and their customers.


Our Story

Currently the textile industry has a very negative impact on our environment. The production of virgin textile materials, such as cotton, has numerous ecological implications related to detrimental use of land and water as well as employment of pesticides. Clothing manufacturing also generates large amounts of textile waste, which ends up in landfills. Only a minuscule amount is re-utilized. For instance, during cutting processes, up to 15% of fabrics intended for clothing are wasted.* 

We aim at reducing the harmful effects of the industry by building on our experience with a Finnish ecological accessory brand called Costo. During its 7 years of operation, Costo has been for us a means of making reality out of our vision of sustainable design, which manifests as a deep passion for recycling. Our focus on recycled materials has been worthwhile, as Costo’s ecological accessory lines made out of industrial leftovers have met with a strong and stable demand.

To improve the sustainability of our designs we have been searching for new ecological alternatives to traditional textile materials. Unfortunately, such alternatives are quite limited in number. We decided to take matters into our own hands and start developing our own ecological materials by utilizing our expertise in recycling. To accomplish this goal we partnered with top experts from the industry and established Pure Waste Textiles. 


Our goal is to make the industry more sustainable by producing through recycling the most ecological textile products possible without making any compromises in terms of quality. This vision has its roots in our Nordic tradition of recycling and draws its motivation from the pure environment of our native Finland. It is also manifests in our logo, the scarab. Because of their natural tendency to recycle, scarabs represented the god of rebirth and renewal in the ancient Egypt. We took the scarab as our logo as its nature represents our vision of sustainable textile manufacturing.

*Textile Exchange FastFacts


The concept of producing textiles from waste materials is great. By gathering waste materials around the world Pure Waste sets an expamle for others how to build an ecologically sustainable business in higly competitive market, while others makes profits by exploiting our environment. Moreover the product quality is very high and this combined to frendly and easygoing communication, there is a solid foundation for success. - Varusteleka, CEO - Henri Nyström