Total water saved: 202,501,400 Litres


Just with one Pure Waste T-shirt you can save 2700 liters of water. Now multiply this with the amount of people you have in your organization and be amazed how much actual water YOU can save by making this small and simple decision.

Our goal is to save 400 million litres of fresh, clean water before the end of 2016. To achieve this goal we need help from you, dear #DecisionMakingBigBoss!

So far we have saved 202,501,400 million litres of water and counting. Big thanks goes to these amazing companies and organizations in our hall of water saving fame and many other forward-thinking individuals and smaller players. 

“ The concept of producing textiles from waste materials is great. By gathering waste materials around the world Pure Waste sets an expamle for others how to build an ecologically sustainable business in higly competitive market, while others makes profits by exploiting our environment. Moreover the product quality is very high and this combined to frendly and easygoing communication, there is a solid foundation for success.  - Varusteleka, CEO - Henri Nyström 

Now, dear #DecisionMakingBigBoss, this is a perfect water saving story for your company to share. It is your chance to look good and make a difference. 


The hall of water saving fame



46,478,900 Litres



17,043,800 Litres



15,011,700 Litres



12,609,300 Litres



11,167,200 Litres



7,659,900 Litres